Sunday, March 31, 2019

Getting a Not So Early Start for the Holidays

It's the last day of March -- with nine months to go before the holidays arrive. But I can't be lulled into thinking I've got plenty of time to get ready for them. Oh no. I'll be doing a Pop Up show in December for which I'll need plenty of inventory.

Normally, nine months would be more than adequate to prepare, but when I take into account the large chunks of time between now and December that I won't be able to put in studio time due to out of town travel, family coming to visit, teaching workshops, etc., that deceptively large "window" shrinks dramatically.

So this morning I kicked off my Get to Work initiative by starting with collaged cards. They're always popular, and I love making them. With coffee cup in hand as I waited for Hubs to wake up I turned out Card #1:

The substrate is 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper. The design is made from scraps left over from larger works. I'm loving this color scheme, probably because it reminds me of Santa Fe.

After flattening it under some heavy books I'll affix it to a blank Strathmore note card, and slip it along with matching envelope into a clear sleeve. Then it will be stored away until December. It seems a bit odd to be thinking of Christmas with the dogwoods in bloom, but it beats waiting until the leaves start falling!