Saturday, August 8, 2020

A Marketing Must-Have for Artists

Have you ever encountered something so helpful that you want to share it with fellow artists everywhere? That's how I feel about the ebook, How to Find a Goldmine of Customers: Defining a Target Marget for Your Handmade Business. Not only is it incredibly informative, it actually makes one of the most challenging tasks we face fun. Priced at just $5.99 it's one heck of a bargain. Its contents are priceless.

Most of us who sell our work can usually provide a basic profile of the people we tend to do business with...their gender, age range and approximate income level. Maybe we even know a bit more about them, such as their marital status, or the types of jobs they have and so forth. Such facts, however, though a good start, are not enough to build an effective marketing plan around.

This ebook by Erin Mooney reveals how to construct an imaginary person -- a target customer prototype -- that we'll come to know almost as well as we know ourselves. Once we "create" him or her, and learn all there is to know about them, our marketing and advertising dollars can be focused exclusively on our target market's desires and needs.This will have the greatest impact on our sales, while resulting in a favorable return on our investment.

Finding this information is easier than you think and costs nothing to acquire but an investment of our time.

Author Erin Mooney reveals how to use the web sites of publications that reflect our typical customers' lifestyles, values and ferret out everything we need to know about them. Building on a foundation of research gathered by others, combined with visual examples of their lifestyles, enables us to develop a target customer profile that's exquisitely nuanced. We can direct our message with laser like accuracy to those who most need and desire our products.

Erin Mooney clearly knows her stuff. Her blog, Handmade Urban, offers a wealth of information to creatives on virtually every aspect of running a successful business. She's also the author of several other ebooks in addition to this one. I can assure you, dear reader, that the process she outlines definitely works. After devouring its contents I now have a much clearer picture of who my target customer is and what I need to do to connect with her. I'm still working on creating the prototype, but it's an ongoing project I'm thoroughly enjoying.

If the thought of defining your target market intimidates you, or you squirm with guilt at the very mention of it because you've neglected it altogether, this $5.99 book is for you. It truly lives up to it's title -- it's truly a goldmine!

Full Disclosure: I'm so enthused about Erin's ebook I've decided to promote it here on my blog. Any sales that result by clicking on this link will generate a bit of revenue, which I will, in turn, donate to a cause very dear to my heart: local pet rescue organizations. To learn more about this ebook or to purchase it, click here. Thank you!

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