Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Pandemic, Pain and Productivity

How much fun can a girl have while sheltering at home for a year AND dealing with a debilitating back injury for half of that time? The answer is quite a lot, if it involves the creation of art, even in the midst of what I call head-banging pain for half that time. Honestly, if I hadn't had my art to keep me busy during the past 12 months I think I would have gone completely off the rails!

So what did moi produce during the Year of Utter Misery? Well, I cranked out several dozen mixed media notecards, a new collection of mosaic pendants, at least a hundred pairs of hand painted earrings, and completed a very large and challenging painting that took up more space in my studio than a Volkswagon. (Actually, that's a little bit of exaggeration. It wasn't really the size of a Volkswagon but because it was so big it sure seemed like it.)

If it weren't so distressing to be cooped up for so long with such limited contact with the outside world, I'd  say that being sequestered for months on end might put an artist on the fast track to generating a truly impressive output. The only problem is the lack of social contact. After the delight of having unlimited time to create wore off, I found myself craving the company of other humans -- even though I've always been something of a hermit. It's too much to expect one's spouse to take the place of society at large, though Hubs went above and beyond in his efforts to sub for it. (Just one reason I love this man so much!) Eventually the isolation wore on me to the point that the very thought of making a trip to the Dollar Store made me giddy with excitement. That's sick!

Here are a few of the items I created this past year. While I was throwing myself into creating them, the isolation taught me a lot about myself -- what I could and couldn't do, and how important it is to have an interest or passion that can sustain one through trying times.We know what mine is. What is it for you? 

Mixed media & collage notecard


Earrings with matching keepsake gift box

Mosaic pendant with matching keepsake gift box

Text and images ©2021 Lynn Edwards

Friday, March 19, 2021

Wisdom I Agree With

What is the role of an artist in society? This subject has any number of answers, but here's one I found as I was reading through an old issue of The Artist Magazine. It appeared in an interview with Henryk Fantazos, who emigrated from Poland to the U.S. in 1975. I think Fantazos sums it up well:

"Being a painter carries certain cultural responsibilities. Once you are given a voice, you should feel a responsibility not to pollute your culture, but rather to contribute something of value."