Wednesday, February 12, 2020

New Pendants!!

©2020 Lynn Edwards
Those of you who know me are aware that I love making jewelry besides painting.  For several months I've been creating and selling mosaic pendants and other jewelry items through the Art House Gallery in Acworth, Georgia. While I was busy working on those little beauties, I began to wonder how I might also create pendants from bits of my painted papers, considering that I have hundreds of such papers on hand in my studio.

Now, it's well known that pendants can be made by affixing a clear glass cabochon over artwork that's glued into a pendant tray or bezel. The effect is lovely but it's awfully hard to get rid of little bubbles that form in the adhesive just under the glass. They can be maddening to deal with. Those pesky bubbles can ruin the appearance of the piece and drive you crazy.
©2020 Lynn Edwards

 So I put on my thinking cap hoping to find a way around this problem. After much experimentation I came up with a method that eliminates the need for a glass cabochon, reducing the weight of the pendant in the process. It also solves the bubble issues -- yippee!!!

After playing around with this idea and making a few tweaks, I created eight prototype pendants. Shown here are a couple of them.
The artwork is permanently sealed under multiple layers of a bubble free layer of a resin-like coating. The result is like looking down into a clear pool of water. The colors are so vibrant they almost take on a life of their own. Minus a heavy glass cabochon these pendants remain lightweight and comfortable to wear. They'll soon be available through the Art House, and through my Etsy shop, as soon as I complete the redesign of the shop, which is currently in vacation mode. If you'd like to be notified when these pendants and others like them are available for purchase let me know and I'll send you a notification by email.