Sunday, July 26, 2020

Life and Art Making in Quarantine

At first I was thrilled at having to stay home. My idea of heaven was having all the time I wanted to work in my studio. And it was glorious, as well as highly productive...between March and June I created over 100 pairs of earrings, made several dozen small collages and completed a 30x40 abstract. (Which explains why I wasn't keeping up my blog.)
Watched blooms unfurl but there were fewer of them this year.

However, by early July, the bloom was definitely off the lily. It really started to irk me that I couldn't go shopping for needed supplies. Or enjoy dinner out at a restaurant. Or attend a concert, go to a movie, or even check a book out of the library.  Nor could I consult my doctor in a face to face appointment. Noooo...he and I had a "telehealth" type appointment during which he sounded like he was speaking from the bottom of a lake, and I couldn't understand 90 percent of what he was saying. God help us if that's the future of medicine.

So having all the time in the world to do something you enjoy so much, while under the severe constraints of mandatory directives imposed by local, county and state authorities, takes the fun out of things. In short, confinement is the pits.

What does all this mean for the future? Maybe a better question would be "Do we HAVE a future?"
The answer to this question can't come from others.You've got to look deep into your own life to discover the answer. Maybe make some art while you're pondering this question. It helps to clarify your thoughts. So let your creativity run loose. Take off its leash.We may be on the verge of a permanent change in our lifestyle, for good or for ill. Making art will help you stay sane in a world that's gone crazy.

Text and image ©2020 Lynn Edwards