Sunday, December 29, 2013

Words Fail Me

A new year is about to begin. And there are exciting plans in the works for 2014!

These past several weeks I've been working on a series of necklace and earring sets and eyeglass leashes for shows I'll be doing this coming year and for the launch of my Etsy shop next month.
An Original Art pendant on necklace featuring semi-precious stones and glass beads

 When I laid them out on a table, I noticed they seem to share a certain "look," though I wasn't consciously striving for that effect as I created them. The colors, sizes and shapes of the beads and other elements used vary, but still, there's that indefinable "something" that seems to unite them visually as a group. My style, in other words.

Necklace of painted fabric beads, glass beads and filigree beads

Now I need to define that style with a two- or three-word label or tagline that describes the jewelry. This sounds like it should be easy but it's not. There are millions of words in the English language. Narrowing them down to an accurate and appealing two or three word description is much more difficult than it would seem.

I've been wrestling with this issue for a while now but have yet to resolve it, so I'm appealing to the online community for help. In this post I've included photos of several pieces from this collection. (None of these photos have been improved using PhotoShop to correct lighting, contrast, etc. but I'm sure you'll be willing to overlook their deficiencies.)

What are your thoughts? How would you chatacterize them? Any input you can offer will be so appreciated. If I adopt your suggestion I will send you a complimentary pair of handmade earrings as a thank you gift! To submit your ideas, just scroll down past the photos, below, and click on the "Comments" link.

This set is comprised of hand made paper beads, semi-precious stones and glass beads

A closeup

Hand made paper beads, semi-precious heishi beads, ceramic beads and glass beads were used for this set

This Santa Fe-inspired necklace features hand made paper beads, semi-precious stones, glass beads and wooden beads.
All text and images ©2013 Lynn Edwards

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