Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thank you, Artspan!

What a nice surprise I had yesterday when I opened an email from Artspan, the company that hosts thousands of artists' web sites, including my own,

Artspan was notifying me that they had featured two of my paintings, Ethereal Trees - Blue and A Case of the Blues, in a new online collection they'd posted on their web site's home page, blog and Facebook page. Considering the hundreds of thousands of pieces Artspan was able to choose from, to have my work selected was a huge honor. Color me happy!

The name of the collection is Tangled Up in Blue. It includes 86 works in which the color blue takes center stage. The pieces range from quirky to sexy to dreamy, and the blues range from palest robin's egg blues to azures and cobalts to blues so dark they look black. So if you love this wonderful color -- or if you're merely curious -- check the collection out on Artspan's home page, blog, or Facebook page. Please like and share, too!

©2015 Lynn Edwards

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