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Sunday, September 6, 2015

OMG, What an Honor!

This past week held many surprises, but the most notable was receiving an email from Paula Guhin, the author of several excellent books on art techniques, and whose own beautiful work I greatly admire. Paula's books are some of my most favored go-to resources. I keep them in my studio library and refer to them often for inspiration and information. Her blog,, offers a wealth of superb art tutorials along with an ever changing roster of hilariously funny jokes. If you haven't visited Paula's blog or read her books, dear reader, you are missing out.

Anyway, getting back to Paula's email, she was inviting me to be a guest on her blog! Needless to say I was flattered beyond belief. In fact, I was speechless! What an honor!!! Of course, I said yes and sent her the images and material she was requesting.

I was away from my computer all day yesterday, and didn't get home until late last night. Imagine my utter surprise when I turned the computer on and saw myself described as a "Super Talent" on Paula's blog, accompanied by glowing accolades for my work.

It's a good thing there's something called gravity, or I'd be floating up into the stratosphere at being named a Super Talent by Paula Guhin, whose own gorgeous art has been featured many times over in well known art publications. I'm so appreciative, not only because appearing on her blog allows so many more people to see my work, but also because what she has said about it is something I can use to remind myself -- on those distressing days when neither inspiration nor paint flows easily -- that I am in the right occupation, after all.

As artists (or writers, or photographers, or musicians), it's so easy to doubt ourselves, particularly when things are not going well, we're at a loss for ideas, and creating feels more like a battle than a blessing. It's times like these when a little reassurance, support or validation can lift us up and restore our confidence. I just wish every artist could enjoy a similar experience as mine. Her words I will always treasure. A thousand thank you's, Paula!

©2015 Lynn Edwards

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