Saturday, October 17, 2015

Coming Monday: An Exciting Treat for My Readers

If you follow this blog, you know how highly I regard Paula Guhin, author of several of my favorite art books. Paula is a woman of many talents: she's a wonderful artist and photographer, and a very fine writer. As if these accomplishments weren't enough, she's also a respected art educator and an accomplished equestrienne.

Paula's blog, Mixed Media Manic, is a fabulous resource for artists with dozens and dozens of tutorials to inspire and inform. It's also where I head when I need some cheering up. Paula's blog features humorous tidbits guaranteed to give you a good laugh, particularly if you're a woman.

So it's with great pleasure that I can announce Paula will be my special guest here on this blog next week! Be sure to check in this coming Monday to see some of her amazing work and learn how she created it. You're bound to come away with your mind spinning with fresh, exciting ideas, and a strong urge to drop everything and make a beeline for your creative space. Have I whetted your appetite? I promise you won't be disappointed! See you Monday!

©2015 Lynn Edwards

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  1. Lynn, you always make my day. Thanks for your kindness. Paula