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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lighting Up Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA, a day Americans set aside for gathering together with family, enjoying a special meal together, and giving thanks for all that we've been blessed with. Many view Thanksgiving as the opening day of the holiday season with festivities lasting into the New Year, while others just enjoy celebrating the day for itself and deferring the tree trimming, light stringing and gift shopping until later.

In our house we tend to enjoy the meal, do the dishes, watch football, and wait a day or two before lugging the artificial tree up from the basement. Usually the tree sits unadorned for a couple of days in the living room as we muster up the energy to tackle decorating it. Which is an all day job. We've amassed so many ornaments over the years that I've had to divide them up into two separate collections: the Red and Gold group and the Country Homespun group. Our tree can hold only so many ornaments, therefore each year we have to choose between the two themes. The past several years the Red and Gold has won out; it's our annual opportunity to indulge in a bit of glitz!

This year our tree will be set up out on the new sun porch instead of the living room. With its floor to ceiling windows, the porch will allow the Christmas tree to be better seen and appreciated. I have a totally ridiculous Martha Stewart fantasy of seeing the tree lit up at night in all its glory, with tiny white fairy lights in the garden just outside the windows, and the arbor draped in fairy lights as well. This fantasy also features a lighted evergreen swag around the front door, lighted mini-trees to either side of it, and wreaths at the windows. Will this become a reality? Will we actually DO all this stuff? Or will we decide, after 14 trips up and down the ladder, that the concept sounded great but the execution of it is just too much? We'll see...stay tuned!

©2015 Lynn Edwards

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