Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Boho Series

Several days ago I posted a small collage on the blog, the first of a series I'm creating in a colorful Bohemian style:

Boho #1  in its original form        ©2016 Lynn Edwards
I made this piece to give myself a quick break from a large, labor intensive commission I've been working on. To make all of these collages, I used my own leftover painted and stamped papers from other projects; no additional painting was done. Typically, after putting Boho #1 away in a drawer for a while, I then made a few changes to it. I also chose to change its orientation as shown below. A good abstract design should read well from any angle:

Boho #1 in its altered, final state.   ©2016 Lynn Edwards
I think these small tweaks made it a much stronger piece. What do you think?

On my next break, I made the second collage of the series:

Boho #2    ©2016 Lynn Edwards  
I haven't decided if Boho #2 needs anything further. I may give it the drawer treatment, also. Do you think it needs more work? I'm kinda leanin' that way...

And here's Boho #3:

Boho #3    ©2016 Lynn Edwards

The great thing about working in series is that it's a chance to explore a concept in many different ways and from different perspectives. It also offers experimentation opportunities, so working in series can be quite freeing creatively speaking.

I'll be adding more pieces to this series in the weeks ahead, until my collection of these particular papers dwindles down. If you have any opinions or suggestions, please share them! Meanwhile, break's over and it's back to the commission for now!

Text and images ©2016 Lynn Edwards

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