Thursday, April 14, 2016

Studio Overhaul = Studio Sale!

It has been more than three years since we built my studio. So I've had lots of time to see how well the furniture arrangement and storage systems I chose would meet my needs. Recently I ditched my existing display system, which was a series of painted boards with a channel cut into the top edges to hold removable metal hooks, in favor of a more attractive, much more useful system. Which I'll be telling you more about in a future post.

This change prompted me to evaluate how well the rest of the fixtures fit, or didn't fit, my current needs. Long story short, I dove head first into a total overhaul, and am getting rid of some pieces of furniture and acquiring some additional shelving to make the studio more functional and make the space work better.

One of my goals is coming up with better storage solutions. This includes finding better ways to store my jewelry making materials as well as finished, ready to sell pieces. At present, it's a jumble of pieces in progress, disorganized collections of beads and components, with finished items housed in several places in no particular order. Basically, it's chaotic.

The degree to which it's chaotic hit me full force the other day, when I opened a shoebox that had been haphazardly stuffed onto a shelf. Inside I found a dozen finished necklaces and other pieces I had made over a year ago and completely lost track of. So something's gotta give. To make my reorganization go easier I'm doing what any sensible artist who's organization-challenged would do: I'm holding a Studio Reorganization Sale!

No, it's not taking place IN my studio. (With all the "stuff" in there right now there's hardly enough room to turn around.) Instead, I'm holding the sale in my Etsy shop, Playingwithcolors. I've marked the jewelry items waaaaay down to clear the decks for new items to come. I've been adding one sale item per day (it's an SEO thing) rather than listing them all at once. So check in each day; you might find something you can't live without. And don't forget, Mother's Day is coming up soon. All my jewelry includes a beautiful organza drawstring bag with a matching hand painted blank gift card. No additional wrapping required.

Here are a few pieces I've recently listed:

Original collage on vintage domino, now just $20 in my Etsy shop

Large hand painted pendant, now just $28 in my Etsy shop

Original mosaic paper collage under glass,now just $15 in my Etsy shop

Text and images ©2016 Lynn Edwards

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