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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An Update on the Boho Series

Several weeks ago I posted some photos of a new mixed media collage series I was working on -- the Boho Series. (Boho is the current slang word for Bohemian.)

Since then I've added more pieces, and have tweaked some of the earlier pieces just a bit. The latter entailed adding some color accents to give the collection a more cohesive look. (It's possible to add more collage or line work or whatever as long as the piece is not yet varnished. Once it's varnished, you can't do anything further to it. It's DONE.)

Originally I was planning to offer these little gems for sale unmatted and unframed. But then I changed my mind and decided to mount them on 6x6 cradled wood panels that are two inches deep. This allows them to be displayed in multiple ways: hung on a wall in a number of different configurations, lined up across a mantel or shelf, or even stacked one atop the other like a set of building blocks. Rather than placing my signature on the front, I've signed them on the back so that each one can be turned in any direction desired for an ever-changing art display. Changing the orientation of one, some or all four produces a myriad of totally different looks.

Below are four pieces that are my personal favorites. Grouped together, they make a pretty striking statement. Their bold colors command attention and there's an abundance of things to look at in each one. This is not bland, wimpy, washed out art -- it's art for people who'd never, ever paint their walls "safe" beige.

I like these so much I'm seriously tempted to keep them, but that's not why I created them. Their purpose is to bring happiness to someone and brighten their home, not mine. So when the time comes I'll part with them -- but it will be reluctantly. :)

©2016 Lynn Edwards

©2016 Lynn Edwards

©2016 Lynn Edwards

©2016 Lynn Edwards
Oh, that bit about thinking ahead to the next project? What's next is creating much bigger works for this same series. I can hardly wait to get going!

Text and images ©2016 Lynn Edwards


  1. These are fun! Lots to see, to hold my eye and keep it moving. I was hoping you'd say you were going to go big with the next ones!

  2. Lynn, forgive me for forging ahead, but can I use the third one down (with blog credit, etc.) on a post of my own, with other artworks by others? Let me know if you want me to take it down, sweetie.