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Monday, April 17, 2017

A Piercing Question

Do you wear clip on earrings? If so, which fastener type do you prefer -- the ones that have a screw on the back so you can adjust them? Or the hinged kind that snaps onto the earlobe? Do you have a hard time finding clip ons that don't look like your grandmother's? Or would you be deliriously happy if you could find a source -- any source -- for clip ons, even if they do look like your grandmother's??

I know several women who wear clip ons, but I'm not one of them. I had my ears pierced many years ago and have never regretted it. Before I opted for piercing, though, I remember being utterly miserable whenever I had to wear earrings because back then, if your ears weren't pierced, you had two choices. You either wore clip ons, or you went around with "nekked ears." In my case, the clip ons caused painful cysts in my earlobes, making wearing them akin to torture. But at that age (late teens) going about bare-eared wasn't an option, either. 

My friends tell me since then, clip ons have become harder to come by. Apparently the majority of women in the U.S. have pierced ears, and the clip on crowd is in the minority. So many stores no longer carry clip ons, or have cut inventory down to just a handful of styles.

I'm curious: if you wear clip ons, where do you buy them? At retail department stores or discount stores? Antique stores? Flea markets? Or from that shadowy figure under the streetlight who used to sell watches? (Forgive the last one...just kidding!) If/when you do buy them, how do their prices compare to pierced earrings? This isn't a Gallup poll or anything, just curiosity on my part as to whether I should add this type of jewelry to my product line. If you'd kindly share your thoughts with me, I'd be very grateful for your input. And to the person whose input I find most helpful I'll send a complimentary pair of hand crafted clip on earrings as a thank you!

©2017 Lynn Edwards

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