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Monday, May 8, 2017

You Meet the Nicest People at an Arts and Crafts Show

If you're fed up with the climate of anger and hostility that seems to permeate our world today, and want to retreat from it all, may I suggest you attend an arts and crafts show? It has been said more than once that artsy people are exceptionally nice people...and I couldn't agree more!

Artists tend to be gentle-natured souls who strive in their own ways to make our planet a more beautiful, peaceful, happier place. (Sure, there are some whose temperaments and work are abrasive, but you rarely encounter them in this type of venue.) If surrounding yourself with upbeat people in a fun environment sounds better than watching talking heads duke it out on TV, hang out with artists. You'll come away feeling like there might be hope for humanity after all.

The artists I met this past Saturday at ARTucker exemplified the warmth, caring and generosity that characterizes the creative community. I didn't have a whole lot of time to make the rounds and meet everyone (setting up my display was more time consuming than I had anticipated) but those I did meet were truly delightful. One of these was Louanna Petti, whose booth was across the aisle from mine. We had a nice chat and found we had much in common. 

Just before the show closed, Louanna presented me with this adorable little watercolor painting she had made during the show of my jewelry display:

©2017 Louanna Petti

How sweet is that?!! I was so surpised and touched and appreciative of her thoughtfulness!

Throughout the process of setting up and taking down and everything in between, I couldn't help but notice how everyone went out of their way to help one another, holding doors open for those lugging gridwalls and boxes, and offering to carry stuff for others when they appeared to be struggling.

Paul Bamford, the pastel artist whose booth was adjacent to mine, had brought in a large cloth backdrop the morning of the show to conceal the unattractive wall behind our booths. He was so polite in asking if this was okay with me and of course it was, as the solid color backdrop he'd brought made my display really "pop." I was more than glad for the fine job it did concealing the wall, and gladder still that he didn't break any bones while climbing up to install it. 

I didn't get a chance to thank him before he departed (his display was a much faster take down than mine, and he was out the door in a flash at the show's end) so I offer my thanks here: Paul Bamford, you're a prince!

But it wasn't just artists helping fellow artists. Many visitors to my booth were equally helpful by sharing their opinions and observations about fashion trends and what they did or didn't find useful in choosing wardrobe accessories. One lady gave me a great idea for future necklace designs that I never would have thought of -- a priceless gift I can't wait to act upon. It's interactions like these that make all the trouble, work and effort of doing a show so worthwhile. And they reinforce my belief that artists and people who enjoy art are the very nicest people in the world!

©2017 Lynn Edwards


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