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Monday, March 12, 2018

Artmaking and Environment: Relocating to Santa Fe

This past Saturday night we attended a retirement celebration for our friend Sam. It was a most enjoyable evening, with much laughter and good wishes for a man who is clearly loved and respected by his colleagues, church family and a wide circle of friends. Hubs and I are both very happy for Sam and his wife Molly: now that Sam has retired, he and Molly are relocating to the home of their dreams in Santa Fe, New Mexico. So the occasion was also something of a farewell party.

Santa Fe is a magnet for artists, photographers, writers, musicians and other creatives. The area's spectacular scenery and the town's art-centric vibe make it a highly desirable place for immersing oneself in whatever art form holds one's interest. For Sam, a gifted photographer, it's a longed for chance to devote himself more fully to self expression with a camera. For Molly, a wonderfully talented textile and collage artist as well as a sought after workshop instructor, it's an opportunity to expand her artistic horizons even further.

New Mexico's spectacular landscape has inspired artists for centuries.    ©2018 Lynn Edwards

In Santa Fe, simply to breathe the air is to be influenced by all things artistic. It's impossible to come away from there without a heightened appreciation for art in some form or another. Santa Fe is a place where artwork graces everything from trash cans and public restrooms to million dollar masterpieces in the area's proliferation of art galleries. In Santa Fe art permeates every aspect of life.

For those of us living in places that are not nearly so art-focused, a visit to Santa Fe is sure to send one's creative impulses into overdrive. When Hubs and I vacation there, I find sleep to be impossible. After a day of exploring, my head is filled with color combinations, ideas, images and inspirations whose details I try to capture in a notebook but, like a fast moving slide show, am unable to chronicle adequately. For non-resident artists, a trip to Santa Fe can so overwhelm the senses that it's impossible to process everything one sees and experiences. I've never used drugs, but I suspect the Santa Fe experience could be described as -- artistically speaking -- like a drug high in which everything becomes so much more impactful and fascinating that one doesn't want it to end.

This decorative garden gate is typical of gates found throughout Santa Fe. ©2018 Lynn Edwards

Molly and Sam are on the threshold of a whole new life, filled with creative potential, in one of the most pro-art destinations in America. I know they're going to be wildly happy there. In their new home, the grandeur of mountains and sunsets painting the high desert terrain in stunning colors will be an endless source of pleasure as well as inspiration.  

At some point after settling in, the wide eyed wonder artists initially experience in Santa Fe probably gives way to a calmer view, but to live and make art there will always be an extraordinary experience for those artists who become residents. Our friends Molly and Sam are fortunate indeed to be joining them, and although we will miss them dearly, we're genuinely delighted for them at the same time.

"Retiring" is another word for new beginnings. As they leave the familiar and embark upon this exciting new chapter in their lives, we can hardly wait to see what happens when every day for Sam and Molly is touched by Santa Fe's magic. However it manifests, it's bound to be amazing and extraordinary!

Text and images ©2018 Lynn Edwards


  1. Thank you, Lynn, for these warm wishes. You really get the appeal of New Mexico for artists. We look forward to seeing you and “Hubs” there soon!

  2. beautiful description of Santa Fe. I'll have to make a trip there soon...experience its artistic charm for myself!

    1. Prepare to fall in love with it! Each time I go there I find it harder and harder to leave!