Friday, May 9, 2014

The Studio Gets a New Entry Deck

Yay! The studio is getting a lovely new entry deck! The original steps, just a few feet wide with no landing, were only temporary. Their narrow width and lack of a landing made entering or exiting the studio a bit tricky. When we added the storm door the steps became even more difficult to navigate. The new entry deck solves that problem.

It's 6x6 feet, giving me plenty of room to navigate without fear of falling. It's big enough to add pots of flowers, maybe even a chair -- how cool! But aesthetics aside, safety was the biggest issue and I'm so happy to have that resolved.

Right now the deck is completed but the six foot wide stairs need to be installed. That's scheduled to take place a couple of days from now. When it's finished I'll post pictures. Our contractor, Richard Morris and his son, Tristan, of Decks Unlimited are doing a fantastic job. They've built a structure that's solid as a rock and crafted with great care and skill. Good craftsmanship on any scale, large or small, is something I really appreciate. And boy oh boy, do I appreciate this wonderful new addition to my studio!

©2014 Lynn Edwards

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