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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hot Off My Easel!

This winter I've been working steadily on my pattern series (my goal is to create 50 patterns; I've completed over 30 so far.) It's good to take a break from them now and then since they're highly detailed and intensive to work on. That's when I turn to something larger to give my eyesight a break. In this case, I resumed work on a 24x24 painting I had started a while back, but had temporarily set aside. Now I'm pleased to say that the painting "Wide Open Spaces" is finished!

"Wide Open Spaces" acrylic on 24x24 gallery wrap canvas
©2018 Lynn Edwards

My inspiration for this painting came from my memories of living on the Great Plains, where, as plains inhabitants often quip, "You can watch your dog run away for three days." The terrain may be flatter than a pancake  (a scientific fact!) but the land is rich in history. I wanted to pay homage not only to this vast landscape but also to the animals which played a vital part in shaping that history.  

It's not apparent in the photo but, when looking at the work in person, a viewer sees multiple layers of color and pattern that impart an extraordinary degree of depth and mystery. In a way, the layers represent the prairie's layers of earth that have accumulated over time, burying its ancient secrets and spirits.

"Wide Open Spaces" was already spoken for prior to completion so it's not available to purchase. I'll be sorry to see it leave (it looks sensational in my living room) but I'm confident the collector who laid claim to it will enjoy it even more. Some paintings mean more to an artist than others, and this one falls into that category. But it's not meant to remain with me. When its new owner comes to pick it up, it will mark the beginning of its intended purpose, which is to go out into the world to bring happiness to others. So out into the world it will go!

Text and image ©2018 Lynn Edwards 


  1. I really love this piece, Lynn. Wish I could appreciate those layers in person. Congrats on the sale!
    Hope you’ll share some of those patterns with us. Patterns ARE fascinating.

    1. Thanks, Molly! I'll soon be introducing many of the patterns on Spoonflower, at where they'll be available on gift wrap, wallpaper and fabric. They'll be offered under the name "playingwithcolors." I'll make an announcement as soon as they're available!