Monday, April 23, 2012

Salvador Dali, I Love You

Wow! Saw the new studio this morning with its brand new all-white interior. It looks fantastic -- even brighter and more light filled than we had hoped. Our landlord's painters did a great job. I don't know how they managed to cover up that dark gray paint but they did. Thanks so much, guys!

After leaving our gleaming new studio I met up with my friends Pat and Sylvia for lunch and a little shopping. Pat, who's probably one of the savviest shoppers I've ever met, introduced us to a most amazing store. It's called Touch of Europe and believe me, it does not disappoint. Improbably located on the north side of Marietta's Roswell St. between the Big Chicken and the Loop, Touch of Europe has some of the most beautiful, unique, whimsical, elegant and delightful merchandise I've seen OTP.

Everything in the store has a European flair, from the home furnishings to entertainment accessories, bath and beauty products, gourmet foods, stationery, and gift items. So what has this got to do with art, you ask. Wandering around, I found all kinds of wonderful things that were art-oriented. If you're out on an Artist's Date, you'll find an abundance of inspiration here in the merchandise textures, colors and patterns alone. (Collage artists take note: if you use paper napkins in your work, you'll go bonkers in this place. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Sensory overload aside, my favorite find was a wristwatch with Salvador Dali's grinning face peering out from under the crystal. Its crowning touch was its two Dali-esque hands: they were shaped like his famous outrageous moustache. Had I been a more selfish sort I'd have put aside the gifts I had just selected for family members and treated myself to a new watch on the spot. But being the pure-hearted soul that I am, I managed to resist the overwhelming temptation to acquire the Dali. (Where's this will power when it comes to ice cream???) Instead the watch went directly into first place on my own wish list. Maybe my hubby The Wizard will read this post before my birthday gets here. :)

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  1. So funny, I was just talking to my brother today about his Dali watch! You should buy it! so cool! I'm so glad you love your new studio! Lots of memories to be created there! Congrats Lynn!