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Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Love My Bubba!

When I stumble upon a terrific find, I want to tell everyone about it. Bubba is my latest discovery, and boy oh boy, I can't say enough good things about it.

Bubba is the name of the company that manufactures what I believe is the best go-cup ever. Only it holds way more than a cup, and it's so well insulated that ice cubes placed in it last about 12 hours. No lie.

My Bubba

Now, I bet you're asking: What connection to art and creativity could this item possibly have? For one, if you're a plein air painter, just imagine how nice it would be to take along a cold beverage that's still frosty after a full day's exposure to sun and heat. Or to be able to enjoy steaming  hot coffee at the end of a cold weather painting session.

If you're attending an art class or workshop, it's nice to be able to keep your favorite beverage handy. The flip top ensures it won't leak even if it's knocked over, something the folks around you will probably appreciate. (No, I am not getting paid to endorse this product, nor do I have any relationship whatsoever with Bubba, which just happens to be located here in the Atlanta area.)

My Bubba holds about 24 ounces and fits perfectly into the cup holder in my car. Its flip top doubles as a handle, so I carry it everywhere I go. I even take it with me out to the studio, even though I have a small refrigerator there that's stocked with bottled water.

Hubs was the person who introduced me to Bubba. He came home from Wal-Mart one afternoon with an all-black model, and immediately started extolling its virtues when he discovered ice cubes he had loaded into it on Tuesday were still keeping his iced tea arctic-cold on Wednesday. Hmmm. Why should Hubs have all the fun? I just had to get one too. So Wally World racked up another sale. My Bubba is black also but has a hot pink top to distinguish it from Hub's "Darth Vader" version.

What's more, this acquisition won't break the bank. These Bubbas were roughly $12-13 apiece. (Our local Wal-Mart carries them in sporting goods.) I don't think there's a better product out there for the price!

Text and image ©2014 Lynn Edwards

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