Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Most Enjoyable Evening

If you missed last night's Art Walk on Marietta's Square, you missed something wonderful. The weather was perfect for strolling outdoors and visiting all the art venues, with moderate temperatures, low humidity and rain-free skies. It was a gorgeous evening!

Art and artists were everywhere -- in the galleries, painting and sketching on the sidewalks, and conducting demos in shops and boutiques. Art lovers and the art-curious turned out in droves to meet them and view their work. It was truly gratifying to see so many people crowding into the shops and filling up the sidewalks, eager to take in everything from delicate watercolor landscapes to bold, large scale abstracts.

When I arrived at 2 Rules, the gallery that carries my Original Art pendants, a large crowd was already there. In fact, the place was jammed.

I met so many nice people last night. Among them were a number of international visitors, including a delightful lady from Columbia and a very enthusiastic group from France. As I anticipated, Stanford Ashcroft's razor blade painting demo attracted lots of interest. I watched him paint with it very deftly while marveling at his ability to produce a large portrait in a short amount of time. The fact that he still had all his fingers impressed me even more!

You'll have two more chances to participate in the Art Walks this year: on Sept. 5 and Oct. 3. After that, they won't resume until Spring. But there's always something art- and culture-related happening at the Square. (Check out calendar events here) With several galleries, the newly-opened Artists Attic, and so many shops and restaurants displaying and selling local artists' work, it's possible to immerse yourself in creative expression every single month of the year.

©2014 Lynn Edwards

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