Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Front Door Do-over: Before and After

Yesterday's post discussed my failed attempt to pick a color for the front door of our house when we had it repainted a couple of years ago. What was on the color chip turned out to be worlds apart from the color it turned out to be when painted on the door. I detested it. It was a gaudy, raspberry-hued magenta that clashed with everything. It simply had to go!

The magenta door readied for its makeover

The new color is Mirage Lake by Sherwin Williams. It's actually slightly more green and more muted than it looks here. I still need to remove that trace of magenta at the bottom edge, but I'm much happier with color now.
So, which color looks better? Would you have ditched the magenta? If so, what color would you have chosen to replace it? Tell me what you think. Just click on the Comments/No Comments link below to share your views!

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