Friday, April 4, 2014

Nine More Essential Books for Collage and Mixed Media Artists

In yesterday's post I listed six books I'd enthusiastically recommend to anyone wanting to become a better mixed media or collage artist. Tonight, as promised, I'm posting the rest of my favorites list. The nine titles below, like those already mentioned, are outstanding resources. I keep a copy of each in my studio and I refer to them often. In their pages I find creative inspiration, an endless supply of techniques to experiment with, and plenty of eye candy to uplift me whenever I need a creative boost. So here goes:

Painting with Mixed Media by Paula Guhin and Geri Greenman
Image Art Workshop by Paula Guhin
Mixed Emulsions: Altered Art Techniques for Photographic Imagery by Angela Cartwright
Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists: Experimental Techniques for Composition, Layering, Texture, Imagery and Encaustic by Ann Baldwin
Flavor for Mixed Media: A Feast of Techniques for Texture, Color and Layers by Mary Beth Shaw
Celebrate Your Creative Self by Mary Todd Beam
Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop: Mixed Media Techniques for Embracing Imperfection and Celebrating Happy Accidents by Serena Barton
Creative Mixed Media: Paint, Print, Stitch, Stamp, Embellish by Sherrill Kahn
Masters: Collage -- Major Works by Leading Artists curated by Randel Plowman

There are many other excellent art books out there, with new titles being introduced almost daily. Those I've mentioned are my reliable go-to's, a cherished library of knowledge I consult often. They'd be what I'd grab first if my house was burning down. (I've actually removed them to the safety of the basement when tornadoes threatened.) You probably have some you feel the same way about. What books do you treasure and why do you value them? Let us hear from you. Good books deserve to be read and information about them shared!

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  1. Such a good list. While I have read (or scanned) many, I have a life time of books to read.