Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Painting Collage Papers: A Resource to Jumpstart Your Art

Today was the day I customarily paint with my good friend Kathy. After we finished working on our respective projects (she painted a lovely abstract and I worked on my collaged mosaic pendants) we watched a DVD. Today's choice was "Scribble Collage With Handpainted Paper" by Jane Davies, from Creative Catalyst Productions.

Creative Catalyst produces videos that are top notch quality, and I've been a longtime fan of Jane Davies' work. (I highly recommend Jane's books. If you're into collage, or want to be into collage, they're an  invaluable resource.)  It was a real treat to watch Jane demonstrate her processes for making collage papers on this video. It was loaded with techniques for creating gorgeous collage papers. I came away from it resolving to include more time for making 2D fine art. And with my brain spinning with all kinds of creative ideas thanks to Jane!

Making jewelry has become a major obsession but I do not want to neglect the part of me that enjoys expressing myself on canvas.So tomorrow will be a day devoted to making more collage papers. My collage stash is running low.....time to replenish it! I can hardly wait to get out to my studio to paint!

©2014 Lynn Edwards

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