Friday, April 25, 2014

Three Easy Ways to Promote Yourself Using Business Cards

With all the talk these days about promoting your work through social media, it's easy to overlook some easy, low tech methods of self-promotion that are available to everyone. All that's required is a supply of business cards. Below are three simple but effective ways to get your name out there:

1. When you dine out at a restaurant, leave your business card on the table along with the tip. If the service was especially good, jot an appreciative note on the card. "Great service! Thank you!" is a nice way to convey your compliments. Receiving praise is rare for many people; it's a nice way to brighten another person's day while acquainting them with your product or service.

2. Include your business card in all written correspondence. Tuck a card into the envelope when paying bills or submitting forms or applications by snail mail. You may not know the recipient personally, but they'll be made aware of what you have to offer with this simple strategy.

3. Ask any service providers you patronize, such as your barber, hairdresser, auto mechanic, veterinarian, etc. if you can leave some business cards with them. Often they will be glad to pass them on to their other clients. One good turn deserves another; doing the same for them engenders goodwill, and both of you will benefit.

©2014 Lynn Edwards

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