Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Portable Art: A Collage Card Made From Scraps

Continuing the theme from yesterday's post (How to make a note card from scraps) here's another collage art card using bits and pieces from my paper stash.

If you look closely you'll see some of these "found" papers were painted on or overstamped. Such was the case with the bee in the lower left corner. I used a small rubber stamp to create the bee, which relates to the insect motif in the upper right corner. Doing a little painting or stamping is a good way to jazz up a plain piece of paper that's just the right color but needs a bit of pattern to fit the overall design.

What's nice about small scale projects like this is their portability. Everything you need (paper scraps, a small scissors, a glue stick, color markers, maybe a tiny rubber stamp or two) can fit into a little box or pouch. The compact nature of this project makes it easy to create cards while watching TV or sitting in a waiting room. It's proof we don't need a big fancy studio -- or even a little studio -- to be creative. Art can be made anywhere!

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