Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bead Making How-to's Will Resume Soon

Are you wondering if our bead making how-to's have ended? I can reassure you they have not. The past few days have been crazy hectic. I just haven't had time to put together another tutorial. Instead I've been working to photograph all the jewelry I've made for my Etsy shop's upcoming opening. There are 30 pieces, each requiring 4 or 5 different product shots. That's 120-150 photos, most of which must then be tweaked and resized in PhotoShop Elements before they can be uploaded.. This chore has kept me plenty busy. But tomorrow, instead of shooting jewelry, I plan to remedy the tutorial shortage. So check back again in the next few days.

What you'll find will be a step-by-step for making multicolored, gilded eye candy. These little numbers are loaded with wow factor yet the technique for making them is as easy as making a PB&J sandwich. And you can do it with just four "ingredients," all of which you probably already have. Would I kid you? No way. Stay tuned!

©2014 Lynn Edwards

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