Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Blog Has a New Look!

Every woman deserves a makeover from time to time. And so does a blog. The old girl could certainly use an overhaul. When I ventured into Blogger's layout and template options, and found I could change its colors and fonts, I very nervously left my technological comfort zone (motto: "Leave well enough alone") and tried out a few options. Aha! I can do this! Much to my relief my tinkering hasn't seemed to do any damage.

The first thing I wanted to do was change the blog's color scheme. The blog's original pale blue has been traded in for teal and lime, colors that always remind me of being at the beach. With warm weather approaching they seem like timely choices. They also happen to be the same colors in the banner of my soon-to-be-launched Etsy store, opening next month.

Supposedly there are thousands of ways to dress up a blog if you know how. If you're a web site designer, don't worry about me competing with you. I'm still trying to learn how to use my Blogger dashboard, which I am told is so simple to use even toddlers can figure it out. Since the toddlers are miles ahead of me on the learning curve, I must rank down there with the brain dead armadilloes.

Changing some fonts and switching to new colors is about all I'm willing to tackle right now. It's a start, albeit a small one. Eventually I plan to add more gadgets and graphics but for now these changes are enough. So what do you think? Do you find the new look more appealing? Or did you prefer the original design? What would you like to see added in the future? Please share your thoughts!

©2014 Lynn Edwards


  1. Have you launched your etsy shop already? What products are you going to sell? I can’t say much about your new blog design as I haven’t seen the previous one, but I would suggest you promote your products here too, so it too will garner more views alongside your etsy shop account. Clint @ Franchise Match

  2. Thank you for the good advice, Clint! I do plan to promote my jewelry on my blog as soon as I get my Etsy shop launched later this month. It's due to open April 29, earlier if I can manage it. :)